Tough Love

Monday, August 15, 2005

Gimme a ‘C’, Gimme an ‘S’, Gimme an ‘I’


Crime Scene Investigation

Or should that be…

Completely Silly (Yet) Irresistible ?

Yes, thank you very much Skip’s Acorn Treasury. Now not only do we have a Lost habit to service but thanks to your efforts we now have a growing CSI addiction. This for someone who used to come out in hives whenever mentioned the words ‘Channel Five’.

That said, Saturday’s edition was particularly choice. About plastic surgery. In Las Vegas (we’re thinking Showgirls, we’re thinking Siegfried and Roy). Can you imagine it? The Blonde Beloved by the Gays got very sniffy about the plastic surgeon with a sideline in ‘Watersports for Beauty’ (and we don’t mean scuba diving either). High-larious for a woman who should have won the prize for ‘Most Prominent Use of Collagen Injections in US Network TV’ for the past squillion years.

Yet the fun didn’t end there either. No sooner had everyone’s favourite Studley Beefcake, Nick expressed bafflement at the time and effort women devote to their beauty treatments at The Blonde Beloved than this happened.

Blonde: Flex me a muscle.

Nick: (Gurn, grin) What?

Blonde: Flex me a muscle.

Nick: Okay. (Rolls up sleeve, flexes bicep)

The Gays: (Swoon, reach for smelling salts) No, don’t stop there Nick.

Blonde: (Cops a good old feel)

The Gays: Lucky bitch! We bet you’ve felt him from Lost up as well.

Blonde: So how much time and effort have you put into this. This is what? Five nights a week at the gym, low carb, low burn diet…

The Gays: We always had you down for a muscle chaser, honey. No better than you should be, that’s what you are . . .

Nick: (Grins) My arms are big.

You get the picture.