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Thursday, September 01, 2005

From the sublime to the ridiculous

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Kate Bush has announced a new single, King Of The Mountain, and a double album, Aerial, with a release date of 2nd November.

This is Kate’s first album since The Red Shoes which was donkey’s years ago now. How unreasonably excited are we at this? La Bush ranks highly in our mental Top Ten Divas list, and you really don’t want to see the dance/flail we end up doing to Wuthering Heights when it gets played at discos.

We’ve heard a number of unfounded rumours about this album. Apparently: -

1. It’s two separate albums, one of which was recorded ages ago and then shelved.

2. A few years ago Kate asked her record company round to see “what she’d been working on”. They promptly creamed their Diesels (they’re like that in the music biz, dontcha know) and rushed round en-masse for a look. Kate then blithely led them to her kitchen and plonked a tray of cakes down on the table. “This,” she said, “was what she’d been working on”.

3. It’s a double concept album based on the aftermath of an England laid to waste by an alien invasion.

All three rumours point to the enduring aceness of Kate, but they also raise the thorny issue of quality control. Albums that have taken *this* long to produce have a habit of raising expectations only to dash them. We only hope that Kate hasn’t lost the ability to make concept-driven music that works. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t love a cross between the second half of The Hounds Of Love and War Of The Worlds?

We also heard a high-larious rumour about Kate smoking and eating like a trooper when she’s in the studio. Given this album’s lengthy gestation period, it’s only to be hoped she’s not 21 stone and sounding like Barry White.

And now for the ridiculous….

CSI New York the other night (we know, we know) was about amputee fetishists. Ew. Have the writers been reduced to surfing esoteric porn sites for new ways to kill people off?

This is without going into the pee drinking for youthful looks episode we talked about a few weeks back. Some people....